WH&Y authors: Doctor Jennifer Marino


This presentation was produced for the WH&Y Commission by Dr Jennifer Marino, a WH&Y senior research fellow with a particular interest in risk-taking behaviour, especially in relation to sexuality and reproductive health. In her presentation, Jen explains how she has used cohort studies to help answer questions about risk-taking among teenagers and young adults.

Jen recently hosted a WH&Y webinar on ‘Changing our approach to risk-taking in adolescence’. You can see a recording of her webinar in the WH&Y Community of Practice.  

WH&Y is committed to supporting the young people of the WH&Y Commission with the training and experience they need to be able to contribute meaningfully to the design and development of youth health services and policies. This presentation was part of a series on research methodologies.

The presentation

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Dr Jennifer Marino is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at th...