WH&Y authors: Professor Fiona Brooks

Citation: García-Moya, I., Moreno, C Brooks, F (2019) The ‘balancing acts’ of building positive relationships with students: Secondary school teachers' perspectives in England and Spain. Teaching and Teacher Education 86, 102883



This qualitative study explores teachers' views on the salience of relationships with students in their professional roles, and the benefits and potential tensions associated with relationship building. Thematic analyses of semi-structured interviews conducted in England and Spain with 20 secondary school teachers show an ambiguous status of relationship building, with diverse views on its centrality in teachers' professional roles. Teachers also describe the complex balancing acts they perform in relationships with students and express difficulties and uncertainties around well-being, authority, and student behaviour.

About The Authors


WH&Y Chief Investigator Professor Fiona Brooks passed away on 13 January 2023, after a short ill...