On 15 May 2021, the WH&Y Commission warmly welcomed nine new members. Coming from diverse backgrounds across the Greater Sydney region, the new recruits met with some of the inaugural members in a face-to-face induction at Western Sydney University’s Liverpool Campus.

The existing members gave their new colleagues some insight into WH&Y and the need for a Centre of Research Excellence in Adolescent Health. They also shared their own stories about the early days of the WH&Y Commission, the development of the WH&Y Engagement Framework, and the Commission’s achievements to date.

Before the session came to a close, the newly minted members were encouraged to talk about their own aspirations for the Commission. The discussion was spirited and inspiring; some highlights have been captured below.

"Being fortunate enough to attend the WH&Y Commission induction meeting, I felt so grateful knowing that initiatives like this exist. I have been able to learn more about the gaps in the health system and how the Commission can spread awareness and help create needed change for youth in the Australian healthcare system. The WH&Y commissioners that I have had the honour of meeting have provided really nuanced insights into what issues face young people in terms of health. The Commission is so excited to see what changes and ideas can be made!"

"The WH&Y induction was a great opportunity to branch out to like-minded people who were passionate about adolescent health.”

Since then, another three new members have been through the induction process, with two more to come. If you’d like to read more about the bright young people who make up the WH&Y Commission, head to the Our Team section of the About Us page.