A report prepared by the WH&Y Commission, 2021 Youth health, research and policy priorities and concerns, has just been released and shared with Ministers from federal and state governments, and their Shadow Ministry counterparts. The report is the product of workshops held by Commissioners earlier in the year and includes not only the key areas of concern, but recommendations on how these can be addressed by research, policy and health services. The views and insights provided by the Commissioners are informed by their lived experiences; their study, training and work experiences in health-related areas; and their personal, peer and community struggles during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2021 Youth health, research and policy priorities and concerns was written by young people in genuine partnership with leading adolescent health researchers and professionals. It adds to the voices of those who have been calling for action on the double-disadvantage faced by many young people when both age and aspects of their social, cultural, physical and sexual identities prevent them from accessing the health support they need and deserve.  

In particular, the report identifies youth health priorities including: 

  • more research into the direct and indirect impacts of COVID-19 on young people
  • better policy responses to support young people affected by the pandemic
  • more support for youth mental health and sexual health 
  • more youth-centred health information and services 
  • This report is evidence that young people are stepping up to share their views and expertise on how to provide accessible and sustained support for young people’s wellbeing and health. The WH&Y Commission is committed to working with government, research institutions and services to shape a health system that genuinely partners with young people to address their short and long-term health concerns. 

Get in touch at info@why.org.au if you’re interested in learning more about how you or your organisation could work with the WH&Y Commission.

Read the full report: WH&Y Commission 2021 Youth health, research and policy priorities and concerns.